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Lloyds Bank

Anti-Money Laundering Platform

We were asked to come into Lloyds Banking group to provide design, development, and project management expertise in building a new Anti-Money Laundering platform for the risk and compliance teams within the organisation.

The solution provided Lloyds with a leading edge AML solution, which enhances due diligence that combines cloud based technology, data and analytics to;

  • Facilitate a risk based approach
  • Perform AML checks online with instant results
  • Confidently verify client or beneficial owner identity
  • Screen individuals against Politically Exposed Person (PEP) and Sanction data
  • Automated monitoring and screening via data analytics platform
  • Maintenance of full and paperless audit trail
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Queen Mary University

Cloud based Analytics Platform – Microsoft Azure

UK Universities are facing huge issues and pressures within the current environment. Universities operating in a global market place within increased competition.

  • Rising student expectations based upon the introduction of student fees
  • Increasing University costs and shifts in funding
  • Demand and need for newer technologies
  • Linking estates, strategy and students
  • Attracting and retaining the best talent in terms of teaching and research
  • Student welfare and well being

We worked with the University to design, build, and project manage the implementation and delivery of a new Data analytics platform based upon Microsoft Azure Analytics Cloud services with reporting and dash-boarding provided using Power BI.

Key analytics solutions provided;

  • Student retention rates across different programmes and course
  • Analytics that provided a risk assessment of students that could potentially drop out of study which would feed
    into student welfare and well-being processes and governance
  • Student outcomes and attainment
  • Financial performance modelling across the university
  • Student admissions vs forecasts
  • Analytics into student recruitment
  • Upgrading functionality/connectivity of Sharepoint
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Allianz Insurance

Cloud based Analytics Platform – Microsoft Azure / Power BI Tools

The insurance industry faces many different types of risk including actuarial risks, credit risks, and catastrophic risks.

Allianz asked us to build an enterprise wide Data Analytics Platform which would allow Allianz to identify, assess,
quantify, monitor, and manage risks in accordance with the industry best practices.

The analytics solution we designed and built for Allianz allowed users across the organisations to undertake and monitor;

  • Risk heat maps
  • Risk and control assessments
  • Automated alerts
  • Risk analytics
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Key risk indicators (KRIs)

The solution delivered used Microsoft Azure Analytic Cloud Services to ingest load and process the source data with key dash-boarding provided via Power BI capabilities.

Bank Of Ireland Logo

Bank of Ireland

Digital Transformation / Migration Program

Iimplement the “Payment Services Directive 2” (PSD2) in Bank of Ireland services platform for their customers.

  • Provide increase security as part of the Compliance with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) as per the
    European Commission delegated Regulation
  • Program consists of upgrading the banking software applications, API Gateway and platform, Infrastructure and
    entire network security layer across data centres’
  • AWS technology used for VPC’s providing SAAS, PAAS and IAAS on the cloud platform
  • SAAS included, API GW for core banking financial services, like online banking services for customers
  • PAAS included the software platforms for development and testing of the multiple core banking applications and
    their microservice architecture for the API platform
  • The DevOps technology included Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, Ansible, Kubernotes, Dockers and Terraform
  • The IAAS provided the resources for the Bank of Ireland data centers which include Ingess and Egress network
    components-CIDR’s, routing, NACL’s, load balancers and servers hosting 10 servers