Programme Turnaround

Programme Turnaround Cyber- Essentials Plus

Delivering Where Others Have Failed

At times when the quality is unacceptable, or the schedule is beyond control, the budget has raged beyond parameters or other issues remain unresolved, tuindo has a record of team members delivering projects where others have failed...

Developing A Customised Approach

If you have projects that are in danger of failing to deliver on their intended results, tuindo can help. Our industry experts will come and assess your unique situation and develop an approach customised to getting your project back on track.

Helping Programmes Turnaround

We will work with the “wins” and strengths that you and your project have already achieved – and along with your tools and methods, along with our own proprietary tools – tuindo will help to turn around the project with the least amount of disruption.

Specifically, we can help you with objectives such as:

  • Quickly stabilising the negative situation that is threatening the project
  • Help you prepare a recovery plan to get the project back on track
  • Recover all or most of the intended project objectives and business results
  • Maintain effective leadership and motivation throughout the difficult period
  • Serve as a liaison with concerned project stakeholders both within your organisation and out

We offer a unique free consultancy service to provide you with an initial assessment and recommendations that will help turn your project or programme around.

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